For callouts we charge an hourly rate of £60.00 per hour, which is subsequently broken down into half an hour increments after the inital working hour. We have a minimum hours charge for all callouts.

Booking and Lead Times:

We book in all customers on a first come, first serve basis.Our lead times are usually a two to three week wait, however this is subject to change. We take pride in our punctuality and aim to honour all bookings to the exact date. However due to unforseeable circumstances and jobs running over we occasionally have to revise our bookings. If we have to revise our bookings we will inform you to provide the maximum notice possible.

Payment and Reciepts:

Forms of payment we accept include cash, card and balance transfer. We take a 50% deposit at the start of works (unless another amount is agreed). Our engineers carry card readers and we take the full remaining balance on completion of works. We provide an electronic reciept immediately upon recieving payment on our card readers. Hard copy reciepts are available upon request.


We guarantee all works that we carry out, however this guarantee only covers our workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the materials installed or general wear and tear. We advise all customers that newly installed woodwork will need to be sealed with paint or another system. Failure to seal the woodwork will void our guarantee.

Estimates and costings:

​All estimates for works are free of charge and all works undertaken are on a fixed price basis. There will be instances where extra works undertaken through a project can lead to additional costs. All additional works and costings will be fully discussed and agreed with the customer before further works are resumed. All estimates include a thorough breakdown of all the works included in the price.​

Data protection:

​Obee Carpentry Limited are current with all data protection bills and acts. We will never share any of your data such as personnal or address details with any third parties. We include a data protection notification on our receipts as we retain records of all of our jobs undertaken. However it is your right to opt out of any retention of your personal data. If you wish to opt out, please get in touch via any of our contact details and we will remove all of your data from our records.