At Obee Carpentry Limited we aim to get it right were many others get it wrong.

All too often we hear from customers who have been let down. With no-shows for estimates, even no responses from some who do show to look at the works. No-shows at the start of works, during the works, even poor after care once the works are complete.

At times we come across work of poor quailty, for various reasons. Wrong materials used. Bad workmanship due to inexperience, laziness or wrong methodology.

Finally, we often hear of trademen who are booked up for the next next year. Some customers simply cant, or dont want to wait that long.

Obee Carpentry Limited was incorporated in spring 2017. With the aim of bringing quality work with a level of professionalism that you wouldnt often associate within the building trade. We will always answer the phone, or at worst get back to you. We are punctual in our appointments and bookings. Most importantly we deliver quality and we are accountable for all our work. We always uphold our guarantee if something isnt quite right.

We actively aim to keep our lead times down to weeks, not months. So you dont have to worry about waiting to get started.

Our teams experience spans decades, whilst the surname 'Obee' has become synonymous with carpentry itself. Our family includes three generations of qualified carpenters, with experience being handed down from grandfather, to father, to son.

There is no job to small, and we take pride in all our work. So if you require any of our services, please get in touch.


We provide two systems of work at Obee Carpentry Limited. 


The first is a standard free estimate and book in service. For this we arrange an appointment for the estimate, and aim to provide the estimate on the same day. We try to keep our lead times down to around two to three weeks to undertake the works.

We also run a limited 24/7 hourly callout service on a first come first serve basis, our hourly rates can be found below.

You can find more details on how we operate on our terms and conditions page.

Monday - Saturday

7am - 7pm, £65.00.

7pm - 10pm, £130.00.

10pm - 7am, £195.00.


7am - 6pm, £130.00.

6pm - 7am, £195.00.


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